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Learn the simple process that restored my energy, ramped up my metabolism and super-charged my weight loss... just by changing how I eat NOT what I eat.

Learn the simple ​​process that restored my energy, ramped up my metabolism and super-charged my weight loss... just by changing how I eat NOT what I eat.

When my husband told me he'd organised a party for my 50th birthday, my heart sank!

My weight had crept up, I was really unhappy in myself, and my confidence had taken a nose-dive... The thought of turning up to any party so overweight filled my stomach with knots... But especially a party where I was going to be the center of attention!

I hated bumping into people I hadn’t seen in a while as I felt they'd be shocked at how I’d ‘gone downhill’. I looked in the mirror and I was ashamed. I hated catching my reflection in shop windows and every photo I saw of myself made me feel awful inside.

It wasn't just the weight either… It was total lack of energy that came with it… Even playing with my kids was really hard work, especially after a day at work where I'd just come home feeling completely exhausted!

I'd already tried nearly every diet under the sun...

Low-carb, keto, grapefruit juice, cabbage soup, even going vegan! Sure, I’d lose a few lbs, but I'd just end up putting even more back on.

They made my life a misery, and of course family life got in the way of even the best laid plans... And to be honest I was too embarrassed to even try the gym.

But a day or two after news broke about the party, a friend told me about someone called "Carly Donovan"; a 40 year old mom, Carly had her wake-up call a few years back when she suffered a mini stroke...

She'd studied women from a tiny Asian island who are among the planet’s healthiest, leanest and disease resistant people, by pretty much doing the OPPOSITE of everything we’re told over here...

By focusing on how” they eat, NOT “what" they eat.

She saw how women's hormones changed in their 20's as the female body switched from 'Find-a-mate' mode to 'Procreation' mode and how that could set them up for a 30 year attack on their waistlines.

…But by discovering this simple set of 'Flavor Pairing Rituals', she'd seen how when certain foods were eaten in combination with each other it helped counter-act these hormonal changes, leading to fast and significant fat loss.

When I began this plan, the first thing I noticed was a serious spike in my energy levels... But that was just the start...

This is the first time in over 20 years I’ve managed to drop all the weight I wanted to lose - and keep it off...

My family & friends were shocked (in a good way!) at how quickly I was changing...

Clothes I never dreamed I'd get back into suddenly look & feel great on me; I can't even tell you how exciting it is to slip into an old pair of jeans and have them fit so nicely! 

It's like I've woken from a bad dream; I've so much more confidence & self esteem; and my hubby suddenly can't keep his hands off me!

I even got promoted at work, into a job I enjoy much more. Heck, I don’t know if that’s even linked to the weight loss; I probably just give off a better vibe now, like I’ve got my life handled again...

And above all, it's by far the easiest method I've ever tried - I haven't felt hungry or deprived once!

When the party came around I was able to wear my favorite black dress for the first time in over 10 years, and it fit perfectly!

To be honest the compliments came at me so much I was a bit embarrassed, and I think there were probably another dozen ladies sign up to Carly's program the day after!

It's just such a RELIEF to find something that's actually worked; a plan backed by numerous scientific studies, and that seems to have got my body back working to how it used to when I was younger!

I now realize that my previous weight problems weren't actually my fault – I’d just been bombarded with the wrong information for years...

For example I didn't know that I shouldn't drink water or juice at the same time as eating a meal; that's one of the most toxic combinations!

Water dilutes your stomach acids and reduces their effectiveness in breaking down proteins, carbs and fats. 

But by simply drinking the water 10 minutes before the meal - the whole problem is avoided! 

There's a chocolate-pairing ritual, a wine-pairing ritual and 9 others - so I can still enjoy all my favorite foods as long as I keep to the right combinations...

And my favorite - the 'carb-pairing' trick, which lets me eat more carbs than ever before without any of it sticking to me! 

Remember: Due to the hormonal changes involved, this Food-Pairing method works best for Females aged 25 - 70. If you're happy with that please continue to view the video...

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